Get Paid to write

get paid to write

Get Paid to write

There are several Forums , website’s, Organization , Blogs and website’s where you get paid to write. Students, Young writers and Entrepreneurs can  have a great startup by such opportunities and i one example , as i am earning my pocket money bu writing only 6-10 articles a month for different organizations and Blogs. Get paid to write .

In this article we simply give you tricks on how to find those who are offering content writing jobs.

For Example i am living in Pakistan and for me its best to target the Website’s or Blogs that are administered from Pakistan.

So here are the steps you would follow to get the best result’s .


Browse to Google search Engine.

  • Type in queries like 
: site:pk

Google Result for Pakistan websites and blogs giving opportunities to write and earn

You can change the query simply by changing your desired country like if you are living in India, what you will do is to simply change it

site:in write for us

Try other Tricks as well

UK would be like

site:uk write for us

If your target is any international Organization then

simply change the query by

site:org write for us

or if you want a specific country Organization then

  • write for us

you play with queries like

  • site:edu write for us         =========> for educational webs and blogs.
  • write for us  =========>for educational webs and blogs Uk only.
  • site:gov write for us         =========> for government webs and blogs.
  • write for us    =========> for goverment webs and blogs Uk only.

Playing with Google can make a lot difference in your searches and result in refining them to get the best result and leaving spam behind.

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