make it sure you are safe on internet


If you are lurking on Google which is a biggest giant on Internet and you are search are concerning Health, then you might end up getting Aids without even having sex on the first place ( yes there are other factors as well for transmission of virus). The symptoms are so clear that it seems like we are suffering from it either we are heading towards a sure death. ( Make it sure you are safe on internet )

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Sometimes Blogs and specially the Health blogs are looking for a healthy feedback from their viewers and instead of writing informative stuff and end up with click bait articles like 10 signs or 10 symptoms you are affected by this or God knows what.

It not only creates a negative psychological effect but it may also account for depressing its own viewer/readers for no good , So if you have ever or will be searching about your health than just don’t and I mean don’t ever you do it.

There is another thing that is totally of topic but was crawling in my mind and that was over dosage of prescribed medicines and yeah don’t forget about the legendary one’s that take only medicines until they get recovered and not till they are meant to or told by their doctor’s.

It is highly Recommended if you have any issues regarding your health, then you must refer to your concerning Doctor and believe you me its important.

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