Cosmetic Surgery is getting popular in Iran

Iran and cosmetics

I have heard so many times and so do most people say that Persian’s are among the most beautiful people on this Planet and as amazing as it would sound the Growing popularity of The Cosmetic surgery among the Persian women is quite noticeable and as the growing trend is increasing, One can perhaps see how much the People in Iran are obsessed with physical beauty. [ Cosmetic Surgery is getting popular in Iran ]

Well it is alarming for such a country with strict Islamic rule implications and shocking for the rest of the world that Iran is among the biggest market for Cosmetic surgery and it is growing very fast.

Even young people aged up to 14 are having cosmetic surgery hoping to attain a “doll face” and to look like the actors in Hollywood. Even Reports are reviling that Iran has the highest rate of Nose surgery (Etemad newspaper).

People on the street say’s that it is the reaction the strict policy of Iran on Hijab.

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It’s basically a human nature to seek attention with beautiful physical appearance, but Hijab doesn’t let them do that So they are satisfying the instinct by displaying their art on faces, and why not if women want herself to be beautiful then why not as the science and technology has given them an opportunity.

Cost of an average Nose surgery in Iran is 50-100m rials which is about £ 1,100 – £ 2,200 and a full fledged forehead lift could cost up to 150m rials and average worker in Iran earn up to £ 300 max a month.

In recent Years a Trend shift has been noticed in cosmetic surgery from Women to Men in Iran. Well we have to see what future holds for cosmetic surgery market in Iran but it sure seems promising.

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