How You can improve yourself

How You can improve yourself

Its been a while that i have been writing articles to my best and that totally  needs brains out of you so stop mingling around and focus on one thing . But i felt what was going wrong all these times, My Blog is still ranking up the Alexa and i am getting people’s attention still i am lacking that happiness and enthusiasm which I had before. ( How You can improve yourself   ).

What to do and what not to

I certainly was losing interest and hope and I was not pinpointing the root cause of this cancer, after all the worst of all is to lose hope.

Last Saturday i had a good sleep for over 6 hours straight and i didn’t do a thing on my blog, for i decided to take a break and look outside the box. It amazingly healed me and put me back to life , i got a chance to visit my old pals living downtown. We had a great time together  and i found it useful for my brain storming part because we friends always have the discussion of how to get more and more positive and to get more out of something.

You don’t Even have to look

To Unwind my self i bought books on how to improve writing skills and yet not read them at all, but the impact was surprisingly good. I was able to feel a motivational force that made me feel like i have dome something for my carrier .

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Do whatever you like

I have seen people when they are into something they become retarded, so always have a neat and tidy routine but think out of box .

Its like you are best what you do, but if you take a day off and do things excessively at you work place, you would finally end up like millions around the world.

A tip

If you are good at something make other’s (job mates) feel your importance , well its off the topic but i will assure you that if you can make it sure that without you system wont be able to give its best, they will surely accept your every demand (almost).


If you want to do anything then you should better start doing it now.

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