Old job sucks! start a new career

Old job sucks! start a new career


We all face a time in our careers when our old looks like shi* and think of getting a new job. old jobs sucks! start a new career . ( Old job sucks! start a new career )

Personally, I have left my job in 2013 and got a new one which was at a better place and institution was well established.

Now it’s over 2 years and thus jobs is getting boring for me as well.

Well for past 2 years I was learning how to get out of the boredom and I found my way out.

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Back in the starting of 2014 I found out Udemy and free courses offering sites that promises you to start a fresh career with no prior experience
Its better to get a little change in my routine where I get to spend an hour a day learning a few subject daily
and got command over 2 of the mostly used subjects which helps me earn over 500 dollars a month.
That’s how I did my all stuff in a proper routine I followed .
What i did & what you can
Firstly I prepared a chart sheet of what will be doing for that month and followed it with its true means.
Then I Put all my focus on the things which were wasting my time and after rectifying I came up with a solution.
I was punctual in every field from my work to learning these courses including SEO and CONTENT WRITING inspite of all hurdles
I always took breaks for they help maintain my interest in the field
lastly getting inspired fro  the people in the field helps you focus more efficiently over things you wish to master.

I am Asad

Founder of Pealable

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