How to be more productive

How to be more productive

How to be more productive “Just Do it” these three words have created among the world’s most powerful branding message ever and it somehow gives us a reminder that we should stop thinking and better be start doing things.

This Post could worth 25 thousand dollar in increasing your productivity so you get more done.

Let me Give you an example , if I am a business man and i have many things to worry about then i would surely hire in some guy who would manage things for me and ask for some consultancy guide to improve my business .
So Basically There are 2 important things

1# Prioritize

2# Focus

Let me just tell you how , A business man was asked to make a list of most important things he been doing on daily basis and hired a consultant for improving his productivity then these are the simple two things that he would do , first to prioritize and secondly To Focus .

To write down the most important task of your daily life and work routine and choose whats the most important and simply make a list of the most important Things in them.

The task were then assembled based on to their priorities and if any of the task were missed on any particular day, You are suppose to complete that task on the very next day on the very beginning  .

The list has to be small and precise (upto six things)

By the way The concept of Priority is neither revolutionary nor the Focus , but I doubt that not many people follow these both in a disciplinary way for a fair amount of time.
These both things were valid a 1000 year back and still applicable now.

For Example I have my Job and i am a Writer too, so what i do is simply write down a list of my important tasks for daily routine and perform them within due time and then i have enough time for writing and if for some reason i couldn’t follow my list , I simply put the missing task onto the next day list but onto top of all those tasks.

Now here are a Few steps to Follow to increase you Productivity .

1 # Mind Dump

In Order to stay in the place of creativity , high energy and Productivity you need to make sure That your Number Priority is to Keep your Mind Clear.

This is why its crucial to create a mind dump, You need create a place where you can store all those great ideas that Floods your mind each and everyday . This process can be as simple as pull out a Notebook or Just a piece of paper (but you need to save it some where safe so you can find it when you need) or Upload it to Somewhere like Evernote .

2# Identify Your Two Steps Forward

Identify your two steps forward for up coming week. You can do it on Sunday or whatever day you like and identify the two most important things. What shall be your goal you want to accomplish before the week is over and it doesn’t have to be huge , just some thing specific that will move your business forward.

For Example

  • Create a webinar
  • Write new articles for your website
  • Working on a New product

Secondly, write down some thing that will make you feel productive , because being productive and feeling productive are two separate things

3# 6 needs to do

Plan Your week like on the Monday’s and set your goals for the upcoming week.


it’s always better to get advice from the professional advisors .
put your focus on the right place .
Prioritize your task and divide the work force accordingly.

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