The iPhone 8plus is nothing special

Iphone X new ad

The iPhone 8plus is nothing special but it does reign supreme in one area.

Here is the crowning Glory

The iPhone 8plus might be basic AF, but its battery life is pretty baller. When Phone Arena put the plus to the ultimate battery test, it does out performed every other iPhone. You are surely thinking why is that.

Bigger is not always better

When it comes to battery life-size does not always matter. It’s the Chip that has its role. The 8 plus has A11 bionic chip.

In lay Man’s term, that means it has a more efficient processor that crucially uses less power. Which makes a BIG difference to battery performance.

Go For It

Can’t decide between the 8 and 8plus.

if batter life is important to you, opt for the 8plus. For those holding out the X, we have sp,e good news for you as-well.

The X has a similar battery life to the 8plus (even it does cost you an extra 200$). So its you call .

Stay tuned for more.

and Yeah in the end what would be every iPhone x user doing in future.


I would though recommend you to watch this latest ad that Apple inc just released and people are loving it.


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