Bitcoin price keep diving below

Bitcoin price keep diving below

Its not always the way up sometimes things can go wrong and its time bitcoin to learn it before its too late. As we all the surge bitcoin made in the early December and the rate was doubled from $10,240 to $19,994, now the bitcoin is losing its value, and according to CoinMarketCapthe bitcoin is currently trading at about 14588$. UPDATE: Dec. 22, 2017, 3:23 p.m. CET The second largest currency Etherium is also below and its current rate is 740$ which was down to 500$ last week. For making it easier to understand its like a Ripple effect, the ripples effects everything so every currency was effected during this time period.

It was good while it lasted.


There isn’t any obvious reason that of which we know and the officials as well didn’t stated any. Russia seems to announce new changes in its policy over crypto currencies check.

As of now its wild news that Israel will soon launch its own crypto currency and if its for real then we can expect rise again but its not sure if Israel is seriously thinking over it or not.

If you have plans to invest then read the market rates for atleast 3 years for crypto currencies as the falls are always expected to hit.

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