Don’t update your iPhone

Don’t update your iPhone

Apple has been making iPhone since there were only the iPhone 3 and the 3g and the best among all was when iPhone 5 was launched and its features were way too good. Now as of the updates if you are still using your old iPhones then according to the latest updates from various sources it has been told that Apple is deliberately adding some glitches in its iOS 11 updates so if you are using any of IPHONE 5 or the 6 series then it is recommended by sources that Don’t update your iPhonePeople using the iPhone 5 and 6 have reported that the phone is switched off when the battery levels are at 50% and that the new update is draining there battery. So is it a intentional move so people wont stick to their old iPhones and buy the new one’s. If thats so then its a sick move. iPhones closest competitor Samsung could also use this information if proven right in their favour where they could easily start a warmonger as their earlier ads were seriously hilarious. As of now we have our eyes on the glitches and lets see what else iPhone newest updates has to offer, oh silly me all I meant was what glitches are we going to expect in near future. Well this our own views and people can agree or disagree with it and if anyone is thinking to sue us then please its just people views from internet and personal life experiences.


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