Record coldest New Year Eve in 70 years

Record coldest New Year Eve in 70 years

Dec 31st 2017, coldest eve in 70 years recorded since 1962 as people gather to celebrate the new year but everything went well as we all welcomed the new year with lot celebrations and fireworks.

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Well for most of us dont know this cold weather aint going no where any soon said Weather Experts.

With a forecast of temperature at 10and chilled winds at -4° at midnight tonight in Central Park.

— NWS New York NY (@NWSNewYorkNY) December 31, 2017

Earlier this Sunday morning, Hettinger, North Dakota, reported a wind chill of minus -58 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about as cold as it is in the north. Winds that chilled can lead to frostbite if exposed in less then 10 minutes.

For now U.S. is home to the most unusual cold jet stream air of all on Earth while much of the countries are experiencing mild conditions for this time of year.


Storms are also expected to hit parts of usa as this frost doesn’t seems to end and credit to Arctic. Well if does hit we all want you to stay safe and store some food and be prepared.


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