Is the global weather pattern changing for real

Heavy Fog hits punjab

Following up this change in chilly weather which seems like to be never ending in USA, We can see a lot places facing the same problem and recently reported in Pakistan, particularly Punjab andĀ India, Northern India which is effected by severe Fog which has effected most of its region. [ Is the global weather pattern changing for real ]


Sources did verified that a lot of cities are effected having almost Zero visibility and most likely to further carry it self for few more days.


According to the Sources we have report that the Sudden Fog which hit almost entire region is not sound so natural

phenomenon. Its more of like we can say that its mimicking the Weather Pattern of USA and people should start thinking about it more seriously.

There is nothing much said by scientific community down here but surely it does sound like an issue to bat an eye on.

Chilly Weather in USA is still not anywhere near to go away and we looking into Reports from our Sources that what triggered such a change.


The we did shared with you people about the New year story of New York and how it is still effecting the lives of people down there.

Here you go if you want to read about it : New York Record coldest New year Eve

For now, all we canĀ  say is where ever you are, please be safe and take necessary precautions before the frost hits you.


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