A game that gives you free doge coin

A game that gives you free doge coin

A website that gives you free doge coins and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to wait for 24hrs.

So let me tell you about this website where you can get free doge coin.

Here is the link for signup


Click the link above mentioned and you will headed to signup page for this website.

Provide your details and verify your email.

The next thing you will asked to do is add your doge coin wallet so in case you get a big shot at it you could make a payout.

So how the game works

Its basically is roll game where you can roll the dice and a number will appear on screen, and that number will decide what price you will get.



0 – 9885

0.07 DOGE

9886 – 9985

1.33 DOGE

9986 – 9993

13.31 DOGE

9994 – 9997

133.15 DOGE

9998 – 9999

1,331.46 DOGE


13,314.61 DOGE

You can roll the dice like thing after an hour so you have 24 chances per day.

You can also multiply your chances if winning more coins by betting on the same page

So chances are you can make a fortune if doge coin rates go high.

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