9 Things you should quit straight away

9 Things you should quit straight away

We develop habits that we dont like or people tend to hate in us and sometimes we have no idea about how much the negative impact they have in our lives. So here are 9 things you should quit straight away.

1. Trying to please everyone

Among the things that we do on daily basis is that we try to please other for no good. All you need is just Try to be good and before all things, be yourself.

2. Fearing change

Changes are always Better for you when you follow the same routine over and over again. Small changes can have a great impact on your life.


3. Living in the past


People don’t forget easy and that is really not a good way to live when you are struggling with life. Just let go the things and time will heal you.


4. Overthinking


Ahan ! This is something really hilarious when you have introvert personality, like if you are really into someone and want that person to know about your feelings but you fear of things that could end up your friendship with them. Break the barriers and be free, what is yours will only be yours if its meant be.


5. Being afraid to be different

People have faced real problems and recently the book published by Karan Johar totally depicts the point. If you are different and i mean in anyway, then you should not hide it and feel free because you are a beautiful soul.


6. Beating yourself up over mistakes

If you think that you haven’t tried and you just blame yourself over it then you are totally wrong. You must have heard that try and try again until its done, so instead of blaming yourself and giving up on it, just try again.

7. Sacrificing your happiness for others


In this fast world, there is no room for spreading smiles and making people happy by spending your time which is precious to you as well. I think we should take a minute or two at-least so we can help someone or just praise others.


8. Thinking you’re not good enough

Blaming yourself over petty things and thinking of you are not good at all is the most common thing that we come across. Feel good about yourself is the best thing you can do to yourself.

9. Thinking you have no purpose

Of all things said, this is the worst problem. You are important to someone never forget about that and that is how you can over come it.

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