How to end Corruption

How to end Corruption

How to end Corruption

Leaders are made not born…

True isn’t it.

We see everyday news about corruption and these leaders and government officials found guilty in hundreds of cases. We see the news but want to know what the root cause of doing such a crime. ( How to end Corruption )

I see no law in our country and even if there is any, it’s just for the Poor and middle class and elite class and people with connections are being made exempt. Such discrimination causes social insecurity into the brains were missing elements in our live try to fit in like the luxuries which leaders and rich can afford but we can’t.

Sometimes and in case of Asia masses have multiple Root causes for corruption like it’s a common saying that if you can’t buy then steal it.

How to end this filthy thing

Improve the living standard

Strict implementation of Rules and Regulation

Set examples if can’t control it

Fear is the most important Element which if used wisely can be fruitful

Create a better society by oftenly giving moral speeches and educating Mothers


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