Plant a tree by pakistan tobacco company

As part of the new marketing campaign, to increase forests and trees in Pakistan, PTC (Pakistan Tobacco Company) is giving out the following trees for free. They have setup 4 nurseries in Pakistan and following are the species of trees they growing:

1- pine

2- Sukh Chain

3- kachnar

4- arjun

5- bakain

6- sapium

7- siris

8- cacia gluacca

9- kiker

10- phulai


12- willow

13- Jamun

14- loqat

15- amrood

16- bottle bursh.

Last week of July and first week of August, these trees will be ready. If you’re planning to plant trees this monsoon and want to be part of this campaign, call the below numbers and book the trees you want to plant.

Noor Aftab

Mobile 0300 8486218

Farid Toor

Mobile 0301 5555981

CSR Activities (Pakistan Tobacco Company)

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