America has unleashed tariffs on Turkey over pastor Brunson issue

trump and erdogan

America has unleashed tariffs on Turkey over pastor Brunson issue

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee said

Quote “we don’t support turkeys decision to retaliate against us protecting our national security interests”.

and upon retaliatory tariffs from turkey on US goods again Quoted

“tariffs from Turkey are certainly regrettable in step in the wrong direction the tariffs that the United States placed on Turkey we’re out of national security interest theirs are out of retaliation. I’m not going to get ahead of anything on what we may or may not do in an effort to respond”

The US has lately doubled the tariffs on steel and aluminum from Turkey. It was done to secure the release of Pastor Brunson, a 50-year-old American who is being held as a captive by Turkey on charges of allegedly being involved in the failed coup attempt in 2016.

The pastor is being charged with treason and terrorism.

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Sarah Huckabee on briefing the reporter’s quote

“ we feel that turkey and specifically president Erdogan have treated pastor Brunson, who we know to be a very good person and a strong Christian, who’s done nothing wrong very unfairly very badly and it’s something that we won’t forget”

and quoted again

“The tariffs that are in place on steel would not be removed with the release of pastor Brunson the tariffs are specific to national security. Turkey’s economic problems those are part of a long-term trend something of its own making and not the result of any actions the United States has taken”.


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