EU security must no longer depend on the US


EU security must no longer depend on the US

French president Emmanuel macron has set his plans for Europe’s defense, speaking to the country’s ambassadors, he underlined the region’s security can no longer rely so heavily on the U.S.

President quote ”Europe can no longer rely solely on the United States for its security. it is up to us today to take responsibility and guarantee European security and consequently European sovereignty”.

What prompted macrons words there?

Well, he was giving his annual big foreign policy speech to French ambassadors who will now go off across the world to take up their positions, hopefully, all be singing all at same hymn sheet. What Macron used this speech to do is to push some of his ideas which talk about a closer cooperation in Europe and one of those things for closer cooperation. He believes closer Defense Force is necessary here in Europe and its something he’s talked about several times before.

Now the reason he highlighted it in this speech today is that he said that Europe can no longer rely on having its security from the United States.

Now Mr. Macomb went to outline a number of gripes for the United States which are very similar to gripes that the European Union has with the United States and particularly the Trump administration they’re things such as the trade wars that we’ve seen in recent months this is the hiking of steel and aluminum tariffs with countries around the world and big organizations such as the European Union and also the fact that the Trump administration has withdrawn from the Paris climate Accord, it’s also withdrawn from the Iranian nuclear deal and of course there has been doubts from the Trump administration particularly from President Trump himself over NATO itself which is the security force that binds the US and Europe.

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Macron said, we can’t now rely on the US for security we have to do something about it ourselves. he’s talked about closer defense cooperation here in Europe but he’s also said that Europe needs to look beyond its borders and to look to other countries such as Russia in the future.

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Quote” So did I – this reinforced solidarity would imply revisiting the European architecture of defense and security by initiating renewed dialogue on cybersecurity chemical weapons conventional weaponry territorial conflicts space security the protection of the polar zones in particular with Russia. I want to launch exhaustive reflection with our European partners in a broad sense with Russia”.

Mr. Mackons said that reaching out to Russia would rely on one thing and that would be the full implementation of the Minsk peace agreement. This is over at the conflict in parts of Ukraine, the Kremlin has said previously that it agrees to full implementation of the Minsk protocol and a peace agreement should be implemented was proposed as well.

What is interesting though is whether or not people will be listening to Macron speech. He gave a very similar speech a year ago, where he called for very similar things but at that time he was riding high in the popularity stakes. We know that here at home in France at the moment he has seen some of the lowest poles of his presidency and we’re also seeing more and more people not happy with his ideas across Europe as they’re feeling that he is not necessarily representing the views of the people across Europe, so many people may in fact look to ignore this speech.

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