Trump Has warned India not to buy s400 from Russia

Trump Has warned India not to buy s400 from Russia

The United States has warned India it could be facing sanctions if Delhi goes ahead with the purchase of the Russian s400 missile defense system.
American government official Randall G. Schriver, Quoted “we would still have very significant concerns of India pursued major new platforms and systems from Russia. There was an impression that we’re going to completely protect the India relationship, insulate India from any fallout, from this legislation no matter what they do, This is a bit misleading”.

The sanctions Act was signed by Donald Trump in 2017 to impose penalties on Russia, Iran and North Korea. It also allows moves against any country engaging with Russia’s defense or intelligence sectors but the new US defense bill lets the president waive sanctions against some of Washington’s partners like India, Indonesia, and Vietnam if lifting them would benefit us and interests.

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India is now in the final stages of signing off on a 6 billion dollar deal with Russia for the s400. The technology can engage up to 80 targets at a time with a range of 400 kilometers and it’s been described in Western media as one of the best air defense systems on the market.

However, it’s that six billion mentioned that seemingly become a target for Washington sanctions Act while India continues to stress, it isn’t violating international law by going ahead.

                          Indian minister Quoted ” CAASTA (sanction act) is not a UN act, it’s u.s. act. We have spoken about the S400 for years not just today“.

Warning from the White House comes just a week before American and Indian top officials are due to meet in New Delhi. India is not the first country to come under scrutiny for its dealings with Russia since 2017, Turkey has been under pressure from America for wanting to buy the s400, however, Ankara promised it would retaliate against any penalties coming from Washington.

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