The cure for hiccups that work every single time

The cure for hiccups that work every single time

Hiccups are an involuntary contraction of our diaphragm.

Our diaphragm is the muscle layer that separates our chest and our lungs from our abdomen and so various stimuli can induce hiccups and it can range from a particular food item it can just simply be spastic muscle contraction. It could be from an overfull belly.

In fact, there are some medical conditions that can cause hiccups including an intra-abdominal abscess or an infection underneath the diaphragm. So your general hiccups though when they come on it’s usually due to some irritant that’s hit your airway or your esophagus and the diaphragm starts contracting.

Some ways to stop the hiccups from happening are to hold one’s breath, so if you take a deep breath in and perhaps just physically try to contract your diaphragm that will sometimes stop the spasms right there.

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I have a technique that’s actually worked for everyone, I’ve ever encountered which is, in fact, to drink water Hold a glass of water from the opposite side that you’re usually drinking from, so normally we don’t drink water from this side. Try to drink from the opposite side by tilting your head down as you can see in the image below and drinking the water that way and in fact because of the way it’s making the muscles contract it does stops the hiccups.


fastest way to get rif of hiccups


and yeah don’t try this 

The cure for hiccups that work every single time


By the way, I have recently tried this on a friend of mine who had been hiccupping for a day and was having severe abdominal pain, could barely eat and I had him doing this in the office and his hiccups went away it was pretty dramatic.

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